Magnetized Cargo Lifter

Assignment was to design a product using a hypothetical technology (hover device that does not tilt but required an external power source) that is economically viable and practically valuable. We also had to go into demographics and methods of use. In my case it was designed to replace cumbersome, bulky heavy machinery such as the forklift and trollies for the shipping and moving industries, hence the mass produced industrial aesthetic. I tried to limit the parts and keep it as simple as possible to keep it economical.

Chrome Ball


Matt Chow came up with this brilliant idea, the TREE-REX, natural nemesis of squirrels. All intellectual property rights belong to him, but I'm uploading the shoop we threw together because it's just too fucking cool.


This is my battle axe
There are many like it
But this one is mine


Mech 06
Common Infantry Ground Type

Mech 07
Medium Assault Anti-Air Type

Automated and Human Operated Space Mech

Robots in space only need limbs for momentum when rotating. It increases handling. Also zero gravity environments allow for this type of construction.

Metal Golem

Looks like some of these will be used in the game after all! Woot!